Naomi Safran-Hon

“Safran-Hon’s creative journey works hand in hand with a close examination of the history of painting and its tradition of charged architectural spaces.

She uses private spaces and everyday objects in order to address the fragility of human experience and the complex nature of one’s home. Destruction—both intentional, at the hands of the artist, and incidental, as the result of time and desertion—recasts the viewer’s notion of geopolitical conflict, irresolvable nostalgia, and the personal struggle to find one’s place in the world, both physical and psychological.” (article courtesy Slag Gallery)

Naomi has a masters degree in fine arts from Yale University.

Please click here for her New York Times Review of her fourth and most recent solo show at the Slag Gallery in Chelsea.

Check out her recent solo show at RX Gallery in Paris.

Below featured works range in size from 9″ x 6″ (23cm x 15cm) to 24″ x 18″ (61cm x 46cm). Please send me an email for a PDF with prices and availability. At the moment I am able to offer these amazing smaller creations at a reduced price, creating a great opportunity to collect Safran-Hon.

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Doubled Arched Reflection in My Memory in Purple and Orange, 48 x 120.5 inches, (306cm x 122cm) acrylic, gouache, lace, archival ink jet print and cement on canvas and fabric, 2017.

A click on the image below will take you to her fourth and most recent solo show at the Slag Gallery, Chelsea.

Naomi Safran-Hon

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